Great Taste Awards

Supreme Champion 2016

Glenarm Shorthorn 4 Rib Roast

(And Best Speciality Food for Northern Ireland)


3 Star                                                          

Glenarm Shorthorn 4 Rib Roast – Top 50

Glenarm Shorthorn Wing End Sirloin Roast – Top 50

Sugar Pit Brisket– Top 50

Pastrami Brisket 



2 Star

Extra Matured Himalayan Salt Sirloin Steak

Extra Matured Himalayan Salt Aged Cote de Boeuf

Sugar Pit Beef Short Rib                       

Sugar Pit Bacon Ribs

Sugar Pit Bacon Rack

Sugar Pit Smoked Bacon Rack

Himalayan Salt Aged Lamb Rack

Glenarm Shorthorn T-Bone Steak

Himalayan Salt Aged Ribeye



Sugar Pit Slab Bacon

Pastrami Beef Short Rib

The Rump Burger

Glenarm Shorthorn Sharing Sirloin Steak

Himalayan Salt Aged Delmonico Ribeye

Gold 1 Star

Moyallon Streaky Bacon  Moyallon Back Bacon   Moyallon Bacon Loin 

Sugar Pit Back BaconSugar Pit Bacon Chop  Moyallon Smoked Back Bacon

Sugar Pit Beef Short Rib  Spicey Italian Meat    Salt Aged Lamb Rump


World Steak Challenge

2 Gold Awards for

Himalayan Salt Aged Glenarm Shorthorn Sirloin

Himalayan Salt Aged Aberdeen Angus Sirloin

Grow Make Eat Drink Awards 

Best Food / Drink Producer


 Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards

Best Agri-Business 


World Steak Challenge

Gold Award for

Himalayan Salt Aged Glenarm Shorthorn Sirloin


Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards


Gold Award for Hot Smoked Chicken Fillet

& Best Export Opportunity


Aer Lingus Viscount Awards

Best Small Business


Belfast Telegraph in Association

with British Airways

Excellence in Innovation Award


 Great Taste Awards

Best Speciality for Northern Ireland.

Moyallon 3 Sweet Bacon Ribs


 Gold 3 Star                                                          

Moyallon 3 Sweet Bacon Ribs – Top 50

Himalayan Salt Aged Rib Chop – Top 50

Himalayan Salt Aged Rib of Beef – Top 50

 Himalayan Salt Aged Fillet Steak – Top 50

Himalayan Salt Aged Tagliata – Top 50

Himalayan Salt Aged T-Bone

Himalayan Salt Aged Ribeye Steak


Gold 2 Star

Himalayan Salt Aged Delmonico SteakHimalayan Salt Aged Porterhouse

Himalayan Salt Aged Sirloin Steak             Moyallon Sweet Cured Bacon Chop

Belfast Chaps


Gold 1 Star

Himalayan Salt Aged Club Steak          Himalayan Salt Aged Chateaubriand

Moyallon Dry Cured Back Bacon          Moyallon Sweet Cured Ham Hock


Northern Ireland Food and Drink Awards

Best Product for Himalayan Salt Aged Beef


BPEX Pork Product of the Year Competition

Most Innovative Product – Roman Bacon, Gold Medal

Best Cured Product – Roman Bacon, Gold Medal 


BPEX Great Bacon Revolutionary Awards

Moyallon dry-cured back bacon – Gold Medal


Great Taste Awards

Best Speciality for Northern Ireland

Salt Aged Rack of Glenarm Shorthorn Beef 


Gold 3 star

Salt aged rack of Glenarm Shorthorn beef – Top 50

Euro Angus Sirloin, salt aged – Top 50

Euro Angus Cote De Boeuf, salt aged – Top 50

 Euro Angus Fiorentina T-Bone, salt aged – Top 50

Seasoned Fiorentina T-Bone – Top 50

Glenarm Shorthorn Fiorentina T-Bone, salt aged

Salt aged sirloin


Gold 2 star

Glenarm Shorthorn Salt Aged Fillet  Glenarm Shorthorn Salt Aged Sirloin

Salt aged ribeye                                      Euro Angus Salt Aged Ribeye Delmonico

Salt aged lamb rack


Gold 1 star

Euro Angus Fillet, salt aged                     Glenarm Shorthorn Salt Aged Ribeye Delmonico

Beef Florentine T-Bone, Coppi StyleSalt aged lamb rump

Moyallon dry cured bacon rack               Moyallon 3 sugar dry cured bacon chop

Moyallon dry cured back bacon    Moyallon dry cured middle bacon 

Moyallon sweet cured back baconMoyallon cheeky bacon

Hot smoked Rockvale chicken fillet       Hot smoked duck fillet 

Moyallon Rustic pork sausage



European Angus Cattle Society steak competition. 

Glenarm Shorthorn Fillet – Champion fillet steak and 

Supreme Champion steak overall.

Mighty Marbled Sirloin – Champion sirloin steak


Great Taste Gold Awards

Supreme Champion 2012



Gold 3 star                                            

Moyallon Guanciale      

(And Best Speciality Food for Northern Ireland)


Gold 2 star    

Glenarm Shorthorn sirloin   Glenarm Shorthorn

Glenarm Shorthorn ribeyeHereford fillet steak                               


Gold 1 star    

Moyallon smoked butty bacon     Moyallon smoked sweet cure bacon rack

Moyallon thick cut back bacon    Moyallon bramley glazed bacon rack

Moyallon butty bacon                Moyallon collar bacon joint

Moyallon burger                                     Moyallon smoked bacon lardons 

Dry-aged sirloin steak                           Dry-aged ribeye steak

Dry-aged fillet steak                               Mighty marbled beef chop 

Rare Breed double pork loin chopBelfast Banger (Shorthorn beef and leek sausage