The finest meat, at the best prices

We work with over 120 local farmers who help us to produce multi-award winning beef. We're fastidious in sourcing only the very best meat: reared on lush local pastures, then aged to perfection for a minimum of four weeks. 

Our unique Himalayan salt dry-ageing process seals in natural juices and produces succulent meat that’s packed full of flavour. The result is beef that's sought by some of the top chefs and retailers in the UK and Ireland - but is available to you at wholesale prices.

28 Day Salt Aged beef from Hannans. You can’t get better.
— Glynn Christian


We use a 12ft high wall of hand–cut Himalayan rock salt bricks to dry–age our beef, creating outstanding meat that's extra aged and has its exceptional flavour sealed.

Himalayan salt is exceptional in terms of purity and its flavour-enhancing qualities. Our salt wall creates the perfect environment for the ageing process. The salt in conjunction with a number of other unique contributors, purifies the air in the room, allowing our beef to be aged for longer concentrating the flavour and producing a totally unique, sweet and flavoursome product.

All of our Glenarm Shorthorn Beef loins and ribs are aged in the Salt Chamber, creating aged beef with a purity of flavour you’ll never have encountered before.


Our beef breeds

Glenarm Shorthorn: We are very proud to be a stakeholder and founder partner of the Glenarm Shorthorn Beef Scheme. This gives us access to beef that is fully matured, grass-fed on luscious organic pastures on the Glenarm Estate, and traditionally reared to produce a truly memorable mouth–watering taste.

Certified Hereford: Northern Ireland-certified Hereford beef offers flavour, provenance and quality.

Aberdeen Angus: Northern Ireland Aberdeen Angus beef has a fine network of fat that will dissolve into the meat during cooking to produce juicy, tender results.

Fillet Steak

Our Himalayan salt-aged Glenarm Shorthorn beef in fillet steak form, which is reputed to be the very best cut of all.

It is a cut favoured by some of the finest chefs in the UK and Ireland, but it is available to you, here at The Meat Merchant, at our trade prices.


Sirloin STEAK

Our most popular beef cut is our Himalayan salt-aged Glenarm Shorthorn Beef sirloin steak. This must–try gem is tender and flavoursome, especially when cooked medium-rare.

The cattle that produce our fine sirloin steaks spend most of their lives grazing on Ireland's fertile grasslands. The benefits of this are obvious from the first mouthful.


Rib-Eye Steak

The subtle marbling of our classic rib-eye steak creates a sublime taste and a juicy, tender texture. As ever, you are getting the finest quality Himalayan salt-aged Glenarm Shorthorn beef .

Serve with chunky chips and béarnaise sauce, or cook as a whole traditional roast with gravy, mash and all the trimmings, for an utterly mouthwatering prospect.


Steak Mince

Try our delicious Glenarm Shorthorn Beef in mince form. This is a truly premium product, from cattle that have enjoyed free range grazing on rich green Irish grasslands. 

Made from 100% fully matured beef, our steak mince produces amazing flavours and will transform any meal into a healthy gourmet feast. The most versatile beef on the market, mince can be used to make burgers, lasagne and classic meatballs.


Gourmet Beef Burgers

Nothing added, nothing taken out. Just 100% Glenarm Shorthorn Beef premium beef, minced and crafted into delicious gourmet burgers.

Our award-winning burgers deserve the care and attention you’d lavish on a good steak, because they are made from the same high quality meat.


Shin of Beef

It might not be the most refined cut, but when slow-cooked, our shin of beef delivers magical, melt-in-the-mouth results.

Use to make stew or braised beef recipes for a low-maintenance cooking process that delivers juicy, flavoursome meat.