Lovely local lamb, TRADE PRICES

Our local lamb here in Northern Ireland is perhaps the best lamb in the world. It’s in such demand that we sell it to top chefs and retailers throughout the UK and Ireland. But this very same organic lamb is also available for you to buy from our shop in Moira, so you get the same great taste - and at wholesale prices.

There’s lamb, and then there’s our exquisite Glenarm Estate Lamb, grass-fed, free-to-roam and finished on clover. Glenarm Lamb produces a delicate and tender piece of meat and is usually available from early April through to the end of October. It is matured in our Himalayan Salt Chamber to intensify its natural sweet flavour.

Sirloin that’s out of this world
— Val Warner


Most of our lamb is dry-aged using our Himalayan salt wall. The meat is aged to perfection by being placed in our Salt Chamber for at least two weeks. 

Our 12ft high wall of 1,000 hand–cut Himalayan rock salt bricks creates the perfect environment in which the lamb can age. The Himalayan salt concentrates the flavour of the meat and purifies the air in the room, producing a totally unique, delicious taste taste.

Lamb that has been extra-aged in our Salt Chamber also has that exceptional flavour sealed by the ageing process.


Glenarm Organic Lamb: If you are what you eat, little wonder our Glenarm Organic Lamb tastes so good. This spectacular tasting lamb is raised in the high, open meadows of Glenarm’s upland areas, thriving on a diet that’s free from artificial supplements or stimulants. The result? Delicate flavour and tenderness beyond compare.

Great Taste Gold Stars: Our lamb products are gold star winners at the Guild of Fine Foods’ influential Great Taste Awards. Our salt-aged lamb rump was awarded with one gold star, while our salt-aged lamb rack earned two gold stars.


RACK of lamb

Our award-winning salt-aged rack of lamb makes for the most sophisticated of roasts. As well as looking beautiful, it benefits from our flavoursome Himalayan salt dry-ageing process.

It is easy to carve and is at its best when simply grilled or roasted and served delicately pink medium-rare. It is deal for making noisettes of lamb, too.


Lamb Rump

Our responsibly-farmed lamb is free to roam in the green pastures and meadows of the Northern Ireland countryside. That environment creates the superb flavours that are sealed into this cut during a minimum of two weeks spent ageing in our unique Himalayan Salt Chamber.

Once it's in your care, we recommend this rump for a roast or a hearty casserole.



Our bone–in leg of lamb has marvellous flavour and is a traditional roast, whether for Sunday lunch or festive family gatherings. 

Mouthwatering, truly gorgeous and responsibly farmed, try stuffing our delicious Glenarm Estate organic lamb with slivers of garlic, rosemary leaves and anchovy, then roasting it to perfection.



Lamb Shanks

Get the juicy, flavoursome best from our lamb shanks by cooking them slowly.

They are perfect for a slow roast or to be gently stewed and used in a tasty casserole. No matter how you choose to use them, our lamb shanks deliver a little bit of Northern Ireland on a plate.


Lamb Cutlets

Fast food has never tasted so good. Our delicious lamb cutlets are quick and easy to cook, but deliver incredible flavour.

Whether carefully grilled under a high heat, or quickly seared on a hot pan until caramelised on the outside and delicately pink inside, they deliver a speedy, tasty meal.


Diced Lamb

Our diced Glenarm Organic lamb is the perfect starting point for your next Irish stew, Indian curry or Moroccan tagine. Slow cook these cubes of premium Irish meat for tender, delicious results.

Combine with the herbs, spices and seasonal fruits suited to your dish to create a taste sensation.