Glenarm Shorthorn Beef 

Glenarm Shorthorn Beef is a collaboration between Hannan Meats and the Glenarm Estate where cattle selection, husbandry and finishing is managed by the Glenarm Estate with the aging, cutting, marketing and sales handled by Hannans.

Himalayan Salt Aged Beef 

Himalayan Salt Aged Beef is beef that has been Dry Aged in our unique Himalayan Salt Chambers. We now have three Salt Chambers comprising of 4.5 t., 9t. and 16.5t. Himalayan Salt walls as part of a process to create the perfect environment in which to dry age beef.   


Moyallon is our manufacturing wing that produces our gourmet burgers and sausages along with our Dry Cure Bacon and Sugar Pit Cured Pork & Beef.