The delicious taste of our award–winning pork and bacon products is, first and foremost, down to the superb quality of the local pork we use. All of our pork comes from pigs carefully reared and humanely slaughtered by farmers here in Northern Ireland.  

As with all our other meat, the pork, bacon and sausages we sell are made to the highest standards for our customers in the restaurant and retail trade - but they're also available to you at wholesale prices.


The quality of our pork products has been recognised by numerous independent bodies and awards ceremonies. Here are a handful of the prestigious awards we've won.

BPEX Foodservice Pork Product of the Year

  • Three Gold Awards for our French Trimmed Dry Cured Bacon Rack, Sweet Cure Gammon and Sausage Roll
  • Silver Award for our Stuffed Pork Fillet
  • Bronze Award for our Luxury Ribs
  • Third overall for our Moyallon French Trimmed Dry Cured Bacon Rack
  • Product of the Year Runner-Up for our Bacon Rack

Great Taste Awards

  • 3-star award for our Moyallon 3 Sweet Bacon Ribs (also named one of the Top 50 Foods in Great Britain and Ireland)
  • 3-star and Supreme Champions awards for our Moyallon Guanciale
  • 2-star awards for our Moyallon Sweet Cured Bacon Chop
  • 1-star awards for our Moyallon Dry Cured Back Bacon and Moyallon Sweet Cured Ham Hock


The natural goodness of the pork we use gives us an excellent quality of meat with which to work. We then set about making it even tastier. One of the techniques we use to do that is our sugar pit.

Some of our pork and bacon cuts spend 10 days sweetening in our sugar pit after going through a traditional curing process. The result is a crisp edge surrounding succulent meat, and a delicate balance between the sweet and salty flavours.


Our flavoursome pork, bacon and sausage products are packaged and retailed under our Moyallon brand. When you buy Moyallon, you're buying local and you're buying quality.

We only use local pigs and time-honoured, traditional curing techniques. We believe in taking the time to let our products develop their flavour. You'll know the difference as soon as you taste one of our pork products.


Bacon Rack

Our dry-cured bacon is made only from locally produced pork loins. It is hand–made the traditional way, by rubbing in a mixture of salt and saltpetre into the loins, which extracts moisture from the fresh pork.

We let our bacon dry cure naturally and don’t add any excess water, so the flavour of the meat gets a chance to mature and come to the fore. The result is a taste sensation.



Luxury Ribs

Cured to a traditional recipe before being sweetened in our sugar pit for 10 days to create a delicious contrast between sweet and salty flavours, plus crispy and succulent textures.

Sticky, decadent and beloved by the whole family, you really can’t go wrong with these meaty ribs.


Collar Bacon

Our own properly dry–cured bacon. Roast or boil as a piece, or slice raw and fry to make the best 'butty bacon' available.

Our back bacon slices start off much smaller in size than supermarket bacon (because they are not swollen with excesss water), but they lose very little during cooking.

If you prefer smoked, our bacon is cold-smoked over a mixture of oak and cherry wood, resulting in a lovely, but not too powerful, smoky flavour.


Pork Sausages

The ubiquitous pork sausage is a staple at family meal times throughout Northern Ireland. All our Moyallon sausages are mixed in-house, giving us full control over the quality of the sausage-meat, seasoning and finished product.

We recommend cooking on a low heat, either under a grill or on a pan, to render off the flavoursome fat of the sausage-meat and leave a delicious, meaty sausage.


Moyallon Guanciale

Guanciale is an unsmoked Italian bacon prepared with pig’s jowl or cheeks. Our pork jowl is dry cured using salt, sugar, a mixture of spices, peppers and herbs and cured for a minimum of 3 weeks, during which it is anointed with red wine and garlic. 

The finished product has a rich, sweet, salty, porky flavour and a buttery texture; perfect for dishes such as spaghetti carbonara.


Pork Belly

This cut is rapidly growing in popularity and is absolutely bursting with flavour.

Why not try roasting our pork belly in place of one of the joints you would usually choose? Alternatively, marinade and slow bake for delicious, tender results.